Thursday, March 29, 2012

Writing Update & Book Review - Forbidden

I'm on a roll - I made even more headway on aligning and rewriting some of the transitions to En* last night, particularly on the sections that I had moved around in the beginning. I stayed up until almost midnight working on those revisions, and I'll probably be doing the same thing tonight. Sleep, who needs it right? 

I'm reading again, usually at least two books at one time -- one at night before bed, and a second book at the gym (on my Kindle since it's easier to balance on the machines than an actual book). 

So it's time for another book review. I had finished Forbidden by Syrie James & Ryan M. James (a mother and son writing team) a few weeks back, but never got to actually sit down and write the review. So here it is: 
*For some of the less frequent readers, En is the title of my current work in progress. It's a young adult novel that dips into both sci-fi and paranormal, it's filled with action, romance, and lot's of end-of-the-world drama.


Book Review - Forbidden by Syrie James & Ryan M. James

Product DetailsForbidden is a story about Claire Brennan, a teenage girl who gets moved around a lot, and now is suddenly getting psychic visions. She doesn't want to tell her mom, for fear that her mom will use it as another excuse to move them to yet another town.  For two years, Claire has managed to keep roots at Emerson Academy. She's made friends and has started to feel like a normal teen. And then, in walks Alec MacKenzie. He's also longing to just live a normal life, in one place. He's running from his past, a past that involved chasing & often eliminating angelic descendants of  his forefathers. The two were never meant to fall in love. In fact, their love is forbidden. But they are falling in love, and that just makes things worse. 

Forbidden was an easy, fast read. I like the fact that it had some unique elements to an angel themed book, not just a rehashing of already-done ideas. The relationship between Claire and Alec happened really fast, and there wasn't alot of build-up there, but it wasn't something that turned-me-off while reading. I just remember thinking "that was fast". 

I found was once I was done with the book, neither the story nor the characters stuck with me, like often happens with truly engaging books. I can't pinpoint why. As I was preparing to write this review, I had to skim through quite a bit as a refresher on the story. 

Other than that, while I was reading it, it moved quickly and kept my interest throughout. A good solid young adult book, with some crossover appeal into the adult market.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Edits & Inspirations

 Writing Accountability - Day #1 -- Revisions & Inspirations

Last night, on the first day of accountability blogging, I worked on some revisions; forced myself to stay up to 11:30 pm and didn't allow myself to even entertain the idea of sleep, until I had done something toward my writing. I took the second chapter of En and moved it to the front, so the story now starts with action.

I was inspired by the beginning of The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa, which I just started reading on my Kindle at the gym. It gave me an idea of how to rework the order of events at the beginning of my story. Julie starts The Iron Knight in the heat of action, and that is what drew me to continue reading her book, as it's not usually the type of story that I'd be interested in. So that got me to thinking, since En is sci-fi (light sci-fi), and I want to appeal to a wide YA/crossover audience, the best way to do that is to draw readers in from the first words, and thus it needed a bit of reordering. I still need to rework the transitions now that I've reordered the chapters, but I'll work on that tomorrow, while also implementing some edits I had worked-out while waiting at the hair salon on Saturday.

The other thing that I worked on earlier today is the layout of the blog. Have you noticed? It's a bit jazzed-up. I just didn't like the look of the old format any longer -- the new format just feels right.

So, that's today's updated. If feels GREAT to be back in a writing routine!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Swift Kick in the A**

I've been a bit remiss in my writing life lately; slow to update the blog, and super slow in adding major revisions to my current work-in-progress. The intent to write lurks in my thoughts daily, but the actual oomph needed to get the work done has been absent.

I know what's going on. Part of it is due to the way the rest of my life has encroached on my writing time. Poor excuse, I know. But the real reason is quite evident to me. I had hoped to be much further along in the process. With all the work and effort I've put in, my plan was to have En in the publishing pipeline already. When it became evident that the book needed even more work, my motivation lagged.

Believe me when I tell you, It is hard to write a book, H-A-R-D. It's sounds like such an easy concept, words on paper = book, but there's so much more to it than that. Even when the story is written, as mine is, it may need further character development, a beefed-up plot, or even story restructuring. And sometimes you just don't know what it is that's missing, just something.

En is close, so very close, but it's still missing a little more, it's missing the sparkle. This weekend, as I spent hours at the hair salon getting a full-head of coloring (have to cover those grays, you know), it came to me: three scenes that just might give the story the little extra that its missing. I've been given a gift, inspiration, motivation to continue.

It's time to stop procrastinating, and start getting back in the game again, and I've decided to use the blog to keep track of my daily efforts -- accountability.

Time to get back on the train, and ride it to the end. I hope you'll stick with me on this journey.

Love you all!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Book Review - Which Way Is My Home?

Book Review - Which Way Is My Home?

by John G. Pedicini

Quick, Colorful Read for 2nd graders & below  - - Which Way Is My Home? is a children's book with colorful illustrations that are cute and targeted toward younger readers. In the words of my 8-year old son, the book has "a good story with a good message about friendship."

I read the e-book version, and found it to be a good addition to my e-reader. It's a quick story that can fill the minutes waiting at an appointment or before bed with the kids, anytime a quick read is needed.