Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th - Still We Remember

Eleven years have past since the attack on the World Trade Center. Still, the memories are fresh. I lived in Manhattan when it happened, and worked only a few blocks from the scene.

I know many people affected by that day. Some friends lost loved ones; others witnessed the tragedy and the ensuing aftermath.

At the one-year anniversary I wrote the poem below, and it has become an annual tradition to post it here on the blog. The picture, I took when I first arrived in NYC, many years before the attack I took place.

My heart goes out to those who grieve today.
I hope we never forget.

Photo credit: Michelle Reynoso


Can You Believe

by: Michelle Reynoso

Can you believe,

It’s been a year?

A year of tears,

A year of fear.

A selfish enemy took so much,

An ignorant enemy gave us much more.

Precious lives of many are gone,

Lives of so many more carry on.

We’ve gained a greater understanding,

Of freedom, love, and compassion.

It’s sad to say that tragedy alone,

Has the ability to set that tone.

We’ve cried tears together,

Remembered together,

And now we must heal and move on together.

Never Forget 9/11/01, Flags of freedom wave on.