Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What’s In a Name – The Next Installment (#4)

The list of additions to my “What’s in a Name” series has grown, which warranted yet another installment on the blog. People ask me how I uncover the names that make it onto the list, and to be honest they come up in my everyday comings-and-goings. Some are names I come across on my own, and others are ones that coworkers and friends direct  me to - they know my affinity for quirky and unique names.

So here goes, here are the newest inductees to the “What’s In a Name” list of quirky and unique names. Which ones are your favorites?

Echo Lee

Sherill Spies

Tiffany Circle

Garry Terry

Dreama Knight

John Strange (This is my favorite for this list; it sounds like it should be the name of a character in a book. Love it!)

Cats Ketchup (overheard this one at The Natural History Museum in NY)

Douglas Buttman (my son contributed this one, he overheard it called over the loudspeaker at school)

Steve Kitchen

Judy Rainwater

Anthony Tuggles

Basil Katradis

Steve Bowling

Glenn Mamary

Wendy Christmas

Charm Stone

Marilyn Shuck

Mike Livermore

Rob Loseman

January Williams

Rick Lovelady

Patricia Innocenti

Don Pickenpaugh

Hirut Getachew


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