Friday, June 28, 2013

Book Thoughts - The Friends We Keep by Holly Chamberlin

The Friends We Keep

by Holly Chamberlin

The Friends We Keep is about three friends (Sophie, Eva, & John) who lost touch, and reunite again twenty years later. It's the story of them rediscovering themselves and each other, including betrayals and hookups.
Front Cover
This book took me a bit longer to get into than others of similiar style. I think the way it was setup, with each chapter from a different character's perspective was a bit jarring at first, which is interesting because I've read other books setup the same way and I didn't find those as jarring. Anyway, once I got a bit into the book, then I felt more invested in the characters' stories.

I think Eva was the  most realistic and developed character and the one that I found myself rooting for throughout the book.

 I'd say this is a good beach read if you give it a chance to get going.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kickstarter Campaign Launched for ORDINARY PEOPLE-EVERYDAY PREP

I just launched a Kickstarter campaign for my book ORDINARY PEOPLE-EVERYDAY PREP. Please help support the project. Here’s the link: Kickstarter

Ordinary People-Everyday Prep is an easy-to-follow guidebook for the everyday person preparing for planned and unplanned disasters. It’s a framework to readiness; a go-to guide for traditional solutions, mixed with creative ideas for budget & time conscious readers.
Ordinary People-Everyday Prep is more than just a prepping book, it’s also the story of Hurricane Sandy - what Michelle saw, how it affected her community, and what the experience taught her about preparing for disasters.
The Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds for publishing and marketing expenses. My goal is to raise $7,500 by July 12, 2013. The project can be backed with as little as a $1.00 and as high as $6,000, with rewards for backing the project starting at $5.00.