Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Walking Dead - Fan Experience & What Happened on Sunday?!

Yes, I'm a Walking Dead Fan, and I have to admit my mouth dropped open on Sunday while watching the "Thank You" episode. (Spoiler Alert if you haven't watched the episode yet, details are discussed below). When a beloved character is killed-off, a main character, someone who has had a huge role in moving the story forward, it's devastating as a fan. And as a writer, those are the kinds of characters I hope to develop in my writing, so I appreciate a character like Glenn even more because of that. And now he's gone. Well, let's see, because there are so many theories circulating online about how Glenn could have survived. So maybe there's hope.

When season 6 premiered at Madison Square Garden in New York City a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be part of the 15,000 fans that packed MSG for the event. AMC spared little expense in putting this event together, with the full cast of current actors and old favorites from the series answering questions and featuring some behind-the-scenes clips, real-life zombies walking around the entrance, and an opportunity to watch the premiere two days earlier than the actual release. All for free - they didn't charge for tickets, but gave each and every ticket away. AMC even flew in the entire crew that works on the series and gave them exclusive VIP seats - with a shout-out to them for their hard work. Nice! They deserve it!

I was snapping pictures from my phone - when we were allowed to take pictures - and here are a few from the night.

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